Long Ago on a Sunlit Day

Blog Long Ago on a Sunlit Day

Long ago on a sunlit day –
I chanced upon a mountain lake,
Shining like clear mirrored glass,
In it the skies I could make;
Its grace kissed by a gentle breeze,
The ripples rose in wave-like fake,
Pristine waters clear and cool
For lesser mortals thirst to slake,
Luring travellers to rest awhile
All worldly measures put to stake,
Blossoms wild in red and blue
Were scattered aground like snow flake,
Saw diamonds shine from tender blades,
Foliage on its shores opaque,
Maples, pines and cedars tall
Loamy shelters for birds.

Bid adieu to its virgin shores
Wishing its tranquil I could take,
Can still see the mountain lake
Calling me in a dreamless wake.
by Amar Agarwala